Laurent Leemans & the imaginary friends ensemble

by The Imaginary Suitcase

Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after midnight Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after sun dies You'll see a temple burning You'll feel the temperature rising You'll hear the sirens wailing for you For you and only you Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after midnight Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after sun dies Take a deep breath and dive in It won't be long 'till you're king And little death is calling to you To you, yeah only you Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after midnight Take a little walk out there, you are claiming "I want what's mine" All around hang the colours So tempting and you're so bored So what is wrong in taking it all? Taking what's shown Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after midnight Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after sun dies And as you're coming on top So suddenly you just drop Just like the priest said when you were young Don't you recall the sound Everytime you Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets in electric lights Take a little walk out there, listen to the streets after sun dies
On the beach 02:19
Found myself a sunny beach, with a sun or two Found myself a sunny beach, would klike to invite you Together we can get cancer and everything we need Found myself a sunny beach with lots of UV rays Come and meet me on the beach with your German mates Come and meet me on the beach before I dehydrate The ozon layer is no more but frankly, should we care? Come and meet me on the beach, 'till I'm burned I'll wait I waited for you on the beach but you never came You were caught in a car crash and now it's much too late Now we are in intensive care with low chance to survive I hope heaven has got a beach for an eternal while
It's so nice to see you again See you again in that pretty blue gown It's so nice to feel you again To hear the voice that was so well known Chorus Oh, what a feeling Waiting for her 'til she's coming Believing in her and she believes in you And you know that it's true And you know it's for real I've been sad in too many ways Now is the time to rejoice and to smile I found out that most of your days It is mainly up to you to decide Chorus I know that my story's not new In fact, it is such a damn common thing I am pretty sorry if you Find it annoying, but I can't help singing All my life, I'll live to tell All the stories I know well Of life, love, friendships and beers Of liberty, joys and sometimes of tears La-di-da... And you know that it's true and you know it's for real And you know how it feels to be inside a heart Tell me, my love, are you still in the mood You were in when I left and threw us in the gloom? Chorus I claim in front of the world and the stars That I will always be faithful and not denied Tell me my love, are you ready to have A lover by your side who will keep you safe? Chorus
Stretch your hand and reach for mine Stretch your hand into the light We go down to the water Let your feet direct you where We may roll without a cre Into the stream of the river I can't offer you the earth But I may swear for what it's worth We will be closer than ever And I know by heart The names of the ships on the water Why should I worry? Roll the dice into the lake Throw your arms and please don't fake I sleep tight, safe in your current Here we go with open arms Stretching out into the foam We only care about the present And as we drift along the stream We will reach the sea of green She will be happy and pleasant And hold me so close I cannot breathe anymore Let me drown gently So we'll swim until we're tired Then we'll sink with arms enwtined And join the great fish of silver And I know by heart The name of the fish in the water Why should I worry?
Three stars 02:39
Fifteen ways 02:27
Fifteen ways to go back home alone Fifteen ways to go back home alone I think I'll have to choose one Since you don't want to join Once you came to see my room at noon We talked until the sun turned into the moon You said "I'm quite impressed" I thought "how could I guess" I'm sitting in my dining room In my dish, a cold piece of meat I hope you come again pretty soon And try my cooking next time we meet Last week we met on the way to work at eight I've never been to work with so little haste I had some silly thoughts Due to some looks I caught "How about a lunch someday at my home?" You said "sure, it would be nice, we two alone" We planned on next thursday And working was like play At 6 o'clock, well, you came in With this guy who held your hand From the kitchen I greeted him While putting red peppers...
The lost 03:37
Hold me tight within your heart I'm feeling so sad and blue today Hold me tight between your arms It might be the last time that we may Hold me tight and I'll just try to understand How the love we shared did melt and turn to grey How the ladder broke How the silence won How the feeling's gone Something broke within our minds But I was sure we could fix it back Seems we live with a glass wall between For sol close we feel like worlds apart Maybe it's time to set you free from all this vain For I can't ask you to wait again For I don't want a kind Of lukewarm love to bind Your soul and my mind Of course I'll live almost a normal life But I know it will be somewhat dull For what's a man without a wife But a senseless and silly walking skull I know that life without sense isn't enough to kill Oneself but still it is quite unfulfilled For if the salt of the earth Does lose its taste then how How will it be salted?
It's not such a long time since you're gone Since you have left me all alone I thought I would never recover Well, I was wrong chorus Next time, I won't be fooled Next time, I want it to be cool Now I'm raising hedgehogs in my garden To prevent you from approaching And when I think of my own future, I just sing chorus There was a time my brain was crammed With thoughts, but one day, it went jammed It looked like a colony of termites 'T was okay for a while but... chorus You made my heart claustrophobiac But what makes me sad is the fact that The next innocent girl who'll come my way Because of you, she'll have to pay


A first, a bit hastily and clumsily done, attempt at a solo recording. Recorded and mixed by Laurent Leemans & Nicolas Horgnies at Micronation Studio, Brussels, in dec. 2009 and january 2010.

2 bonus tracks for you if you dare buy the whole album...


released January 20, 2010

All words & music by Laurent Leemans


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The Imaginary Suitcase Wallonia, Belgium

Grumpy Belgian singer-songwriter voicing his considerations about life, death, and the confusing bits inbetween.


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