Don't. For dignity's sake, don't

from by The Imaginary Suitcase



Not your average breakup song


Don't tell me you love me, you don't know what you're talking about
You're just parroting cheesy lines picked from memes on Facebook
Don't tell me you care when it's obvious you don't have a clue
You don't know what is good for me, not even what's good for you
There was a time when we could fly
But it is all over now
Where did it go? I just don't know
There was a time when we could fly
And "we" has fled out of sight
Where did it go?
The Devil knows

I don't deny it, I'm sure your wounds are for real
But what gushes out of them is fake as Christmas trees
You move like a lawyer in a second rate US court show
Waving your arms around, they should put a windmill near you
There was a time I would have cried
If you were just out of sight
Where did it go?
Nobody knows
There was a time I would have died
If I had lost you somehow
Where did it go
Don't care anymore

There once was a time, you and I against the world
And we could win, we could have overturned the mountains
There once was a time, love was wider than the sea
Stronger than the smell of all the dead of the earth

But your cries are autotuned and we bot know that it's not your heart
But merely your vanity that's bleeding red & black
I will be the villain and you'll be the pearls before swines
And to seal this bargain, let's have a glass of wine
There was a time I can't remind
Mythical times that felt right
Where did they go?
A story untold
There may be times, they don't feel right
But it won't do to turn the page
Tear it apart
I guess it's love's way


from Fake blood from real wounds, released October 10, 2015
Words and music Laurent Leemans




The Imaginary Suitcase Halle, Belgium

Grumpy Belgian singer-songwriter voicing his considerations about life, death, and the confusing bits inbetween.

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