A tragic story of impossible love ending tragically. I haven't played Celtic music for almost 20 years without some post-traumatic stigmata.


Down by the water
My love and I did weep
For to some, the sight of lovers
Holding hands is evil indeed

Oh, this is no place for us
For hearts who wish nothing more
Than to beat at the same pulse
It seems we make people sore

Long live love
Godsend from above
Long live you
We were beautiful, naked and true

What did we do wrong?
I thought about it time and again
Why a hatred so strong?
Why are you so eager to maim?

Did we take anything from you?
Did we bring sorrow and pain?
Have we brought the storm and the rain?
We simply did not do what we were expected to

Long live love

Down by the water
We took a long last kiss
And the motherly arms of the river
Took us to a place of bliss.


from Fake blood from real wounds, released October 10, 2015
Words & music Laurent Leemans
Harp by Eva Gennieuw
Fiddle by Anna Amigó
Female vocals by Cécile Gonay




The Imaginary Suitcase Halle, Belgium

Grumpy Belgian singer-songwriter voicing his considerations about life, death, and the confusing bits inbetween.

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