A song for my children, for they are they only thing in the world I love more than making music.


When I see you I forgive the world its ugliness

When I see you I forgive the lord his thoughtlessness

When I see you I just feel like life’s eternal wheel

Has not been rolling on forever useless

You taught me more than I think I have taught you

You make me wiser than I ever dreamed to

You make my life complete, meaningful and sweet

And whoever brought you down here, I bow to you

If you feel lost and lonely

Turn you head and you will see me

I’ll never be far behind you

Ready to extend a helping hand in case you need me to

When I see you it all fits into the masterplan

I can start to love this world I do not understand

For the light that shines from you is so bright and so true

It makes this junkyard feel like a true homeland

I won’t tell you you’ll never cry

That would be such a shameful lie

But every now and then you’ll feel right

Enough to justify the moon the earth and stars in the sky.


from Fake blood from real wounds, released October 10, 2015
Words & music Laurent Leemans
Recorded & mixed by Yves Antoine in his home studio




The Imaginary Suitcase Halle, Belgium

Grumpy Belgian singer-songwriter voicing his considerations about life, death, and the confusing bits inbetween.

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