A silly song on the perils of procrastination when it comes to attracting the attention of your crush...


Mary, do you think of me sometimes, I wonder if you do
‘Cause you have been a regular guest in my mind for the last month or two
I know I shouldn’t think of you this way, I’m not supposed to
But I don’t care what other people say, I wanna get lost within you
Mary do I star into your dreams, cause you haunt most of mine
I’m scared of heights when you smile at me, it sends me flying so high

I’m devising a masterplan to attract your attention to me
I thought of many tricks to lure your gaze and lock it carefully
But like a Junior Malanda of sorts I flunk when I should pull the hook
And prince charming turns into a sod blurting gobbledygook
Finding solace in the knowledge I’m closer and closer everyday
I know eventually I will succeed, have you in my sway

One day I will muster the courage to tell you about my feelings
But if my luck holds as it usually does, I will find you kissing
That tall handsome and funny guy you met two days before
And I will curse myself for being too cautious, god’s clown once more
Well-mannered as I am I’ll resist the urge to kneecap the f*** bastard
But the one I will truly hate is myself, the goofy retard


from Fake blood from real wounds, released October 10, 2015
Words& music Laurent Leemans




The Imaginary Suitcase Halle, Belgium

Grumpy Belgian singer-songwriter voicing his considerations about life, death, and the confusing bits inbetween.

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